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Dry Eye Treatment

Unless you've experienced the discomfort and irritation of chronic dry eyes, it's not easy to understand. For many people, dry eyes can be a huge problem. Dry eyes are painful and can interfere with normal vision. The problem is exacerbated by the use of contact lenses. In fact, for some people with dry eyes, it becomes such a problem that they can't wear their contact lenses. Fortunately, here at Grandview Eye Site, our Odessa optometrist can help you find the cause of your dry eyes and provide a solution.

Man Using Eye drops for dry eye

Common Causes of Dry Eyes

There are multiple reasons why someone may have dry eyes. Common reasons include medications, chronic illness and disease, age and hormonal changes, allergies, staring at a computer screen or anything else for too long or damage to the tear glands around the eyes.

Contact Lenses and Dry Eye Syndrome

Another common problem is dry eyes as a result of contact lens use. Contact lenses can create dry eyes, or make existing dry eye problems worse. In the past, the only real solution was to discontinue use and go back to glasses, but today there are far more options. Your eye doctor can help you.

Contact Lens Options for Dry Eye Patients

So what are the best options when it comes to contact lenses? The first choice would be soft contact lenses. Soft contact lenses are made of a substance called hydrogel, which contains water. The lenses allow oxygen to pass through them. These hydrogel soft contacts are disposable, which also helps since extended wear lenses can lead to protein deposits that can dry the eyes. Soft contacts are not all the same and have varying levels of water content. Your eye doctor can help you choose a pair of contacts lenses that are best for you. Contact lens solution is another factor that can make a big difference.

Scleral Contact Lenses

Sometimes, the best option is a scleral lens. These lenses are larger than normal contact lenses and cover not only the colored part of the eye but part of the white of the eye as well. This area is called the sclera. Many people who would otherwise not be able to wear normal contact lenses do well with scleral lenses.

Contact Grandview Eye Site in Odessa for Dry Eye Treatment

If you would like to learn more about dry eyes and contact lenses, call Grandview Eye Site in Odessa today at 423-367-5600.

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